Since the age of 15, Pieter has rarely been without a camera. He studied fine art, advertising and graphic design at various schools in Southern California. His professional life started as the second man on a two-man crew shooting a documentary film about Guatemala.

In the late 80’s he entered the world of four-star advertising agencies as a Senior Art Director, later Associate Creative Director. Before that, Pieter worked as a designer and department head at the now-defunct Hearst newspaper, the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.

Since retiring from his 40-year career in advertising, he has returned to his first passion, photography.

Pieter was born on Long Island, NY and later grew up in Mexico, France and Belgium. Upon his return to the States, he settled in Los Angeles after a short stint in Las Vegas. He is fluent in Spanish and French and occasionally speaks Franish.

In 2020, Regal House  published The Purpose of Things, a collaboration with poet Peter Serchuk, featuring 40 original photos by Pieter de Koninck.

Artist’s Statement

My images reflect my journeys and day-to-day experiences on the California coast and the American Southwest. Perhaps the photos take me rather than the other way around.

At first glance, the photos may look like mundane scenes. Although the images may seem narrative, they do not document a story or condition. I am not trying to elevate the banal, glorify the everyday. I meet the ordinary on its own terms, sometimes finding the enigmatic and the fascinating along the way. What I try to show is what the scenes say to me.

I make my pictures a little unsettling, provocative but with a quiet wit. What I try to show is there is no one single way of seeing – it strikes a chord with me when I can make incongruous elements come together. In a subdued way, my photos leave more questions than answers, they are the pictures of the pauses between words.

Pieter de Koninck